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donald-trump-stunnedClinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s endorsement of an effort to provide Electoral College members with an intelligence briefing regarding Russia’s alleged efforts to influence the presidential election a mere week ahead of official balloting aptly illustrates why I very reluctantly supported Donald Trump instead of casting a vote for Gary Johnson.  As in previous elections, I had planned to support the Libertarian Party nominee as a protest vote against the entire corrupt political and electoral system.

Yet, I ended up fearing the Democrats even more than Trump partly because of what seems like a headlong rush to politicize this nation’s law enforcement and security apparatus.

As this article contends, there has been very little concern within the Obama administration until recently about cyber terrorism. Now the CIA, very conveniently it would seem, has supplied a rationale for a thorough-going of investigation of Russian hacking only days before the electoral count occurs.

Will all of this Electoral College strategy affect the outcome of the vote? Likely not. But it will work – again, rather conveniently it would seem – to undermine the legitimacy of the 45th president.

Yes, to a degree, this sort of dirty pool must be accepted as one of the operating costs of politics in 21st century America and in an unusually acrimonious election cycle. Even so, the fact that the CIA has possibly been enlisted as an active agent in this partisanship is deeply disturbing to me as it should be to all Americans.