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Who doesn’t grow weary of the hypocrisy of CNN an other Establishment agit/prop media organs?

This morning a good and thoughtful friend of mine raised what I consider to be a valid point about CNN and one that I think would apply to most other mainstream media. Its reporting consistently characterizes obstreperous or violent behavior involving white white people as a pathology, even as it painstakingly avoids any such characterization of other racial or ethnic groups, such as the high rates of black homicide in inner cities.

Has CNN ever characterized any social problem as a black or Hispanic pathology? Of course, the answer is no, because those topics are considered off limits – beyond the pale of respectable discourse. Honestly, a network that bewails the hollow underpinnings of white national identity, sure seems to obsess a lot about white pathology.

And people wonder why there is such much anger and so many wrenching divisions in this country.