Thomas Hooker, one of the major contributors to Anglican theology and identity.

I recently ran across this thought-provoking read about the future of Anglicanism in Britain. I’m a conservative, more or less a Disraeli conservative, though, like most of you one who acknowledges the absolutely indispensable role that the Enlightenment legacy has played in advancing the fortunes of the West and, for that matter, human civilization in general, despite our having broken a great many eggs to make this omelette. 

Moreover, and despite my lack of orthodoxy, I readily acknowledge how orthodox Christian belief has simultaneously worked to accommodate as well as to soften the rough edges of scientific/technological progress. Yet, with the effective end of Christendom, as it commonly has been known, fast approaching, I am not at all convinced that a rational technological society fully equipped to ensure upward progression for us all is even possible. 

Quite a few secular philosophers have expressed confidence that humanity sooner or later will construct a new ethos that not only will effectively supplant Christianity but that also will ensure our moral and technological progress proceeds apace. 

I, for one, remain less convinced of this than ever.