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In 2016, commentators around the world perceived that Brexit would be a political watershed event, not only in Europe but also throughout the world. Many predicted, including yours truly, that it would portend major repercussions in the United States.

This proved true. By the end of the year, the impossible had occurred: Donald Trump, the reality show star, rode a populist backlash all the way to the White House in November, and that watershed event likely altered political dynamics in this country for decades to come.

Our ruling class predictably used the Covid-19 upheaval, not to mention, the rioting throughout the summer of 2020, to extract several electoral advantages, which, suffice it to say, seriously impeded Trump’s path to reelection – I’ll just put it that way and leave it to the reader to determine whether the oligarchy’s strategy also included outright theft. Whatever the case, the oligarchy’s actions only serve to underscore that it is as frightened of the populist upsurge as the heartland populists are fed up with their betrayal of the Republic. Trump, despite his manifest shortcomings, was able to speak truth to power for four straight years, and tens of millions of Americans have been “woke,” to borrow that obnoxious leftist term, to ruling class aims, including what they have in store for the obstreperous masses in the provinces unwilling to bend with the mythical “arc of history,” of which St. Barack spoke so fondly.

More than ever, many are fully aware of what comes next: a form of not-so-soft totaltarianism in which surveillance and social technologies, which the eager help of the Silicon Valley digerati, are employed not only to monitor but also to shape, if not regulate, every facet of our lives.

Given the fact that the ruling class, having forged an alliance with the Marcusian Marxist left, is now firmly in control of the commanding heights of American culture, tens of millions of heartlanders have come to the stark realization that secession or, barring that, civil war, are the only means by which their cold grip can be prized off the levers of power.

Neither option is all that appealing, though the least unpalatable one, secession, is gaining traction among the Right. While our ruling-class agit/prop arm predictably dismisses these efforts as “far-right fringe talk,” the embrace of a once taboo subject really is palpable, even remarkable. Consider this: In a relatively brief time, secession has garnered the endorsement of the majority party of the largest state in the Union, Texas, and the GOP leader of another Western state, Wyoming, recently conceded that he and other Western party leaders are watching events closely as they play out in Texas.

Secession, it seems, no longer is fringe talk.

It seems the predictions were right all along. Brexit really was a watershed event. Calls for radical decentrism as a response to the rapacity of entrench elites not only have crossed the Atlantic but are also being warmly received.