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Millions of Americans are reminded every day of how quickly our national bonds are eroding.

The chamber of the South Dakota House or Representatives (Photo: Courtesy of Jack DeGroot, Wikimedia Commons.)

One conspicuous example is how blue cities and states, borrowing a page from proto-Confederate nullifier John C. Calhoun, have established sanctuaries to obstruct federal immigration policy.

Of course, now that red state legislatures, notably South Dakoka’s GOP-controlled House of Representatives, are resorting to the same practice, we can rest assured that the oligarchy’s agit/prop arm will decry such obstruction as a portent of full-scale insurrection.

Granted, it amounts to rank hypocrisy, but the left, once again, is banking on its virtual lock on all the principal political and cultural institutions to drive this dissent out of respectable venues of discussion.

They very well may succeed. In fact, they likely will succeed. The inevitable accusing finger will be pointed at the legislative malefactors, backstopped with cries of “Insurrection!” In some cases, incriminating social posts will be uncovered by the vigilant watchdogs of the oligarchy’s agit/prop apparatus. In the end the majority of these obstreperous men and women, facing political and financial ruin and even the harassment of close family members, will cower and ultimately express contrition.

But then, maybe not. More and more I and undoubtedly many others who closely follow political discourse, or what passes for it these days, are struck by the levels of contempt that ordinary Americans evince for this country’s ruling class.

Maybe we really have reached an impasse, one that may end up bearing more than a passing resemblance to events that gripped and eventually sundered the American Union in 1861.